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Chapter 79 The Xiao Family's Counterattack


During the National Day, the chapters owed come with compensation methods!

The first thousand and fifty chapters are vulnerable


"Let's go, go in and have a look. If there is something wrong, I suggest retreating first, and then thinking about it in the long run. After all, we already know the place here. As long as we spend some time, we should be able to achieve our goal." Xiao Ding said solemnly. .

Chapter 506: Ice Fire Dragon Beard Fruit (Part 2)

mallow seeds

"It really is this thing" eyes slightly shrink, medicine old slowly took a breath of cold air, from the blood-colored elixir appeared, together with the energy seal trace of the medicine bottle, he is vaguely guessed a little.

Chapter 806 Trouble finding the door


Regarding the so-called Zhongzhou, Xiao Yan has always held a fearful attitude, and now he does not know when he will set foot there. An accident caught him off guard.

The first thousand two hundred and ninety-five chapters like


The three-pattern Qingling Pill started the Gaoqi Dynasty. After a long while. It calmed down slowly. And shortly after that. Xiao Yan, who was huddled in the chair with nothing to do. However, he was suddenly attracted by a medicinal herb in the small plate brought out by the auctioneer on the crystal stage.

Chapter 208 Night Clan Tribe


In another place in the sky, Xiao Yan vibration of the wings, arms in front of the chest, looking at the crowd began to fight with invisible python Han Feng and other people, the corner of the mouth appears a cold smile.

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